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Bury New Orleans

It sounds cold, but bidding New Orleans adieu is the only plan that makes sense:

For years, scientists figured the city on average was sinking about one-fifth of an inch a year based on 100 measurements of the region, Dixon said. The new data from 150,000 measurements taken from space finds that about 10 per cent to 20 per cent of the region had yearly subsidence in the inch-a-year range, he said.

As the ground in those areas sinks, protection from levees also falls, scientists and engineers said.

For example, the Mississippi river gulf outlet, built more than three decades ago, has sunk by more than 1 metre (about 3’3″) since its construction, Dixon said, explaining why water poured over the levee and part of it failed.

These new measurements also mean that hospitals, escape routes, and other emergency responder locations are farther below sea level than we thought.

The government needs to face the hard truth: Spending our tax money on the reconstruction of New Orleans is literally throwing it down a hole.

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