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Neochameleons Prepare to Change Colors

A little-remembered bit of history is that before Reagan, the neocons were Democrats. And now, sensing a shift in the political landscape, it looks like they’re getting ready to switch parties again:

This new crop of liberal hawks calls for expanding the existing war against terrorism, beefing up the military and promoting democracy around the globe while avoiding the anti-civil liberties excesses of the Bush administration. They support a U.S. government that would seek multilateral consensus before acting abroad, but one that is not scared to use force when necessary.

These Democrats want to be seen as anything but the squishes who have led the party to defeat in the past. Interestingly, that’s how the early neocons saw themselves too: as liberals fighting to reclaim their party’s true heritage — before they decamped to the GOP in the 1980s.

I pity progressives. Not DINOs (Democrats In Name Only), but true progressives: They wear themselves out hurling invective and bile at King George, and what they’ll get in ’08 is Queen Hillary and her scepter of steel.

This is no surprise. American politics is just pro wrestling in designer clothes. The players fight like cats and dogs on TV (which makes Hannity & Colmes the news analogues of Mean Gene Okerlund and Gorilla Monsoon), but make no mistake — they’re working from the same script.

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