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St. Louis to Be Destroyed by Black Hole!

Finally! A SciFi Channel Original monster movie starring Our Fair City:

A particle accelerator malfunction in a St. Louis laboratory creates an artificial black hole. An energy creature emerges from the rift in space-time and wreaks havoc. If one calamity doesn’t destroy the world, the other will.

This should be fun. Not only do we get to watch our hometown get destroyed instead of Tokyo, New York, or L.A., for a change, the director of the film, Tibor Takacs, is the cinematic artiste who brought us the not-quite-terrible Mansquito.

Judd Nelson is a fine actor who, like Lance Henriksen and David Keith, seems to have fallen into a niche in which he’s far superior to the films in which he stars. I never acted on film, but I have enough background in the entertainment business to understand the appeal of steady work.

Set your TiVO: Saturday, June 10 at 8pm CT, and watch St. Louis get swallowed.

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