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Bipartisan Police State

Has anyone noticed this piece of legislation that passed the House last week?

LAST week the U.S. House of Representatives voted 327 to 96 in favor of passing a national intelligence bill reminiscent of laws created in police state nations, according to OnlineJournal and other sources.

The bill, HR 5020, proposes to create a number of sweeping changes to intelligence agencies in the name of stopping terrorists and securing top-secret information. The House Bill has several provisions to crack down on intelligence leaks, but critics are concerned that the legislation will be used to hide information from the public and target journalists. Anyone who receives intelligence leaks could be subject to sanctions including people in the media, and government workers could have their pension assets confiscated if they are involved with an information leak.

Opponents of the bill argue that the bill could also transform the nation’s intelligence agencies into policing agencies by giving them extra powers. The CIA was created in order to conduct foreign operations, however one controversial section of the bill would grant the CIA and NSA authority to arrest Americans in the U.S. for any felony, regardless of a crime’s relevance to national security. The bill would also make it clear that it is legal for the CIA and NSA to conduct warrantless wiretaps and arrests.
(Emphasis mine)

Maybe it’s just me, but this smells like the creation of a secret police force.

Democrats, no complaints about Bush, Cheney, or Gonzalez. With a 327-96 vote in favor, a lot of Democratic congressmen voted for this thing. Opposition party, my eye.

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