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Missed Opportunity

We survived the vicious storm that rolled through the Midwest Sunday evening with only minor damage, although it’s clear that things were a lot worse in Tennessee than here in St. Louis. Other than some hail dings on the roof and having the chimney cap blown off and banged up in the fall, we made out a lot better than we did last August.

About 270,000 people were without power in the metro area Sunday night, according to news reports. We lost power about 5:15pm and it wasn’t restored until 12 hours later. Our daughter didn’t get power back at her mother’s house six blocks away until 3:00 Monday afternoon.

My biggest frustration about the storm Sunday night was the coverage by the local radio news outfits. Rather than break in to their weekend syndicated programming, the two major news/talk stations pretty much limited their coverage to regularly scheduled news breaks at the top of each hour.

It was aggravating to no end to dial in, hoping for some news about what the power company was doing to get power restored and instead getting a pitch for an upcoming vacation package to Cambodia.

Now, Angkor Wat is fascinating, but I wanted to know how much of the stuff in our fridge was going to spoil.

Sunday evening was an opportunity for local radio to shine, to remind people why it’s still the one source of immediate information to depend on, and it didn’t. 10% of the metro was without power! We sat in candlelight listening to a hand-cranked radio for news and instead we heard where to find the best air fares online.

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