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Maybe the management of 550 KTRS in St. Louis felt compelled to fire new midday announcer Dave Lenihan because they wanted to make a statement about bigotry.

Hmm. Maybe instead of firing the guy for a verbal gaffe, maybe management should look at the KTRS air staff:

AM drive: Scott & Casey (white & white)
Early PM: Kramer (white)
PM drive: Frank O. Pinion and three sidekicks (all white)
Evening Sports: Tim Montemayer (white)
Nightly sports talk: John Hadley & Bob Bruce (white, white)
Weekend and overnights: All white folks

The only African-American sort of on staff is Reggie McDaniel, who provides movie reviews for Frank O. Pinion long distance from Denver. His rating scale, according to the website, is based on how many “allrightdens” he gives a film.

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