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Maureen Almost Gets It

It amazes me that a woman as intelligent and successful as Maureen Dowd keeps telling us she is can’t quite wrap her brain around the concept:

Of all the through-the-looking-glass moments in the last few days, the strangest is this: The F.B.I officer who arrested and questioned Zacarias Moussaoui told a jury that he had alerted his superiors about 70 times that Mr. Moussaoui was a radical Islamic fundamentalist who hated America and might be plotting to hijack an airplane.
We could have cracked the 9/11 plot if the F.B.I. wasn’t run by dunces.

I grant that career bureaucrats are risk-averse, but it’s even harder for me to believe that the entire chain of command at the FBI is staffed by “dunces” than it is to believe that untrained pilots flying massive passenger jets for the first time performed the aerial gymnastics needed to hit the WTC and the Pentagon.

Think harder, Maureen. There’s a more logical explanation for why Zacarias Moussaoui wasn’t picked up before 9/11.

And why isn’t anyone asking about Nicholas Berg? Remember him–the American kid whose beheading in Iraq was posted to the Internet in 2004? The former Oklahoma University student who somehow happened to have Moussaoui’s e-mail password on his laptop computer?

I sniff at Moussaoui and I smell “patsy”.

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