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Pardon My Skepticism, But…

I have a little trouble swallowing this news:

The UN war crimes tribunal said on Friday that preliminary results of blood tests showed no indication Slobodan Milosevic’s death by heart attack was caused by poisoning.

Milosevic, who died in jail last Saturday just months before a verdict in his war crimes trial, had suffered from high blood pressure and a heart condition.

The article adds that no traces of the leprosy drug (leprosy?) rifampicin were found in his blood during an autopsy–although rifampicin did show up in blood work done back in January. The significance is that rifampicin would have counteracted the medication Milosevic was taking for high blood pressure.

The Russian government is on record as skeptical, too. I’m not surprised: The fact that the US government distorted the facts to justify an unprovoked American intervention in Yugoslavia’s civil war was swept under the rug long ago. Milosevic’s convenient death ensures that the secret stays there.

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