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Fox News: Tabloid Journalism

I guess this shouldn’t be surprising, considering that Rupert Murdoch also owns The Sun, home of Britain’s Page 3 girls: It was truly depressing to see a good newsman like Brian Wilson waste two whole segments on Fox News Live today talking to two bleached blondes who will star in today’s Lingerie Bowl III.

Why do many Christians still believe that Fox represents their moral perspective? The network finds an awful lot of excuses to run stories featuring clips of hot young nubies in lingerie.

By the way, is your church hosting a Super Bowl party tonight? Canceling Sunday night service to do it? I know of a few that are, and some friends of mine are pretty cheesed. Rightly so.

Regardless of what you think of the episode, after the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” a couple of years ago (not to mention the commercials–remember the spot?), you’d think that Christians who expressed outrage at the time would be consistent enough to turn off the game. At least in church.

It’s easy to be morally outraged when it doesn’t keep you from doing what you want.

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