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Britney and NBC Team Up

It would be really easy to get my undies bunched about this:

Forced to pull its highly touted new show “The Book of Daniel” last week because of charges its portrayal of Jesus was blasphemous, NBC is pushing the envelope again with news Britney Spears will guest star on “Will & Grace” as a conservative who hosts on a Christian TV network a cooking segment called “Cruci-fixin’s.”

The pop singing star will appear as a sidekick to the regular character Jack, who hosts his own talk show on the fictional homosexual network Out TV, which is bought by a Christian TV network. The episode will air April 13, just before Good Friday, as NBC seems determined to stir controversy about the show. “Will & Grace” is in its eighth and final season on the network.

Too easy. I’ll leave this for Michelle Malkin.

Look: If God has to worry about Britney Spears not giving Him his props, then we’re all in trouble. He’ll deal with Britney in His own time.

Meanwhile, teach your children well, expect the world to go whoring after delusions and false doctrine, and trust that God is big enough to withstand Hurricane Britney.

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