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Outside the Box Apocalyptic Analysis

I have to recommend the website of author Peter Goodgame. Whether you are drawn to study end times prophecy or not, Peter’s analysis of the apocalypse is strikingly original–something that isn’t easy to accomplish after study, debate, and exposition by two thousand years worth of learned scholars and enthusiastic amateurs.

Check out his “Giza Discovery” series (linked above). His work in progress is a book that links the Egyptian cult of Osiris–which lives today in some of the modern mystery cults–to the apocalyptic prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Isaiah, Paul, Peter, and Jesus Christ.

In short: Osiris, who some very prominent archaeologists believe is buried on the Giza Plateau, is to be identified with the biblical Nimrod, and he will be literally resurrected and presented to the world as a false messiah–the Antichrist.

Listen to our interview with Peter Goodgame on our P.I.D. Radio broadcast Saturday night:

Hour One (6.9MB mp3)
Hour Two (6.9MB mp3)

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