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The Big Question

David writes:

Remember that just because some will make the leap from ID to aliens, I believe (as evidenced by so many scientists moving from evolution/atheism to ID/christianity) that many will be saved if the ideas of evolutionary theory are shown to be what it is (false religious system instituted to pull many from God). Just because some negative will be had, I see it as a major step forward. If we were afraid that good ideas would have a potential for a small possible harm and therefore didn’t use them, we would get nowhere.

Darwinism denies the existence of a supernatural Creator to whom we must answer for our actions in this life. That has profound implications for the way we live. One who truly believes that he’s going to stand before an omnipotent judge someday is going to behave differently than one who believes we’re the product of natural causes.

Believing that an alien brewed up our ancestors in a genetics lab, however, is no “small possible harm”. It opens the door for a grand deception, the “disclosure event”–the revelation that extra-terrestrials do in fact exist, that they’ve been here before, and that they are the “designers”.

Think I’m exaggerating? Researcher Linda Moulton Howe was told by an intelligence officer that as far as the U.S. government was concerned, the question of human origins has been answered:

During a meeting with Richard Doty, an intelligence officer with the United States military, Howe was presented with a briefing paper regarding alien visitation. In its body, Howe read an interesting claim regarding the crumbling theory of Darwinism: ‘It stated that all questions and mysteries about the evolution of Homo sapiens on this planet had been answered and that project was closed’ (Howe, 151).

How convenient! By what means did these extraterrestrials facilitate the evolutionary process? Reiterating the basic contentions of Crick, the paper stated that:

“‘these ETs have come at various intervals in the earth’s history to manipulate DNA in already existing terrestrial primates and perhaps in other life forms as well. To the best of my memory, the time intervals for this DNA manipulation specifically listed in the briefing paper were 25,000, 15,000, 5,000, and 2,500 years ago.” (Howe, 151)

Christians should stop playing games and identify the Creator instead of pretending that God is simply one candidate of many. It’s going to backfire on us if we don’t.

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