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You Go, Mike!

I had to share this from the website of Dr. Mike Heiser:

I usually don’t tend to be much of an activist, but something that happened just this evening ticked me off enough to say something to my audience.

The letter I emailed to Mattel this evening says it all. Just wanted to warn all of you who are parents. talk about decency being under attack.

My letter:

Dear Mattel,

Just this evening my wife returned home from shopping. She had purchased one of your dolls for our four-year-old daughter. The doll was a Barbie in the “Fairytopia” line.

It warmed my heart to see that the doll was wearing a thong. In fact, I was so pleased that I wanted to share the news with my friends. I decided to email some of them: Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association.

I still couldn’t quite contain my excitement, so I posted the little episode on my website, which takes over a million hits a year.

Thank you for your efforts to give our children quality toys. I can’t wait to see what you produce for little boys.

Merry Christmas,
Mike Heiser

My daughter is a little beyond Barbie, so I missed this. Thankfully, Nicole was always more partial to dinosaurs than Barbie, anyway.

Maybe Mike’s wife accidentally picked up Canadian “Sex Club” Barbie.

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