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No Sense of History

Somebody needs to take Mr. Caldwell aside for a quiet chat:

The “Here We Stand” coalition has issued a statement urging the [United Methodist Church] to “embody God’s love” by reversing a Judicial Council decision that allowed a Virginia pastor to deny church membership to an unrepentant homosexual man. One of the signatories, retired clergyman Gilbert Caldwell with the group “United Methodists of Color for a Fully Inclusive Church,” likens “discrimination” against homosexuals in the United Methodist Church to racial prejudice blacks encountered during the civil rights era.
Caldwell, author of the new book What Mean These Stones, equates the UMC’s ban on homosexual clerty to “the Republican Party’s southern political strategy of an earlier time.”

Would that be the Republican Party that got the Civil Rights Act passed in the ’60s, or the Republican Party that was created to abolish slavery before the Civil War?

Then after explaining history to Mr. Caldwell, perhaps a review of Romans 1 and maybe the book of Jude would be in order.

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