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Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog waxes eloquent (and rightly so) about the work of his father in educating the St. Louis County Board of Elections on the, uh, buggy nature of Diebold voting machines. The county, which we call home, has rejected Diebold and awarded a $9.6 million contract for new, “improved” voting systems to its competitor, ES&S.

I have no complaints with the decision, although I don’t see the problem with the punch card ballots we’ve been using since I moved here 15 years ago. (Hey, my daughter was able to read the instructions about removing hanging chads when she was in the first grade.) Diebold has a lot to answser for, and we want our votes counted fairly.

What’s amusing is that Brad is a left-liberal, while County of St. Louis generally votes Republican. In fact, our senator and congressman were prayed over by the elders of Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church after their election in ’02.

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