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Judge Saves Christians from Selves, Rules Against I.D.

Unlike many evangelicals, I don’t see the ruling in the Dover, Pennsylvania Intelligent Design case as necessarily bad. This gives creationists a chance to step back, evaluate, and decide whether I.D. is really the way they want to proceed.

Here’s what I see happening: As honest scientists become less fearful about admitting the gaping holes in Darwinism (whose proponents are more fundamentalist than fundamentalists), Intelligent Design is allowed into more and more public schools. Evangelical Christians congratulate one another at what appears to be a major victory in the war against radical secularism.

Then, in a stunning bit of educational ju jitsu, mainstream science, supported by the likes of Francis Crick (co-discoverer of DNA), reveals that yes, there was an intelligent designer — and he looks like your stereotypical Gray.

Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin dance for joy as millions convert to their “ancient astronaut” theory and hail the return of the Anunnaki, while evangelicals remain on the sidelines, mouths open in stunned disbelief.

If we’re going to critique Darwinism, fine. But if we’re going to offer an alternative, let’s be honest and teach what we believe. If they won’t admit it into public school, then maybe we should be teaching it at church.

But we don’t even teach basic Christian doctrine in most of our churches. Maybe, in a nation where a third of professing born-again Christians believe that “if a person is good enough they can earn a place in Heaven”, we need to concentrate on doctrine first and then worry about Creationism.

We can deal with “happy holidays” later.

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