Was Paul Just Yanking Our Chains?

We sat with some friends from our former church at an awards ceremony for the high school marching band last night. They asked what we’ve been doing of late, so I decided to test the waters.

“We’re producing an online ‘radio show’ that deals with some of the darker issues Christians have to wrestle with,” I said. “We just finished a three-part interview with a pastor in Ohio who delivers people from demonic possession.”

“Oh.” Their eyebrows raised slightly.

“What’s really disturbing is that a very high percentage of the people he deals with have been victims of ritual abuse, usually at the hands of someone in the military or intelligence.”

Nervous laugh. So this pastor is nuts, right?

“Seriously. There’s a lot of hard data on this. Our government, or rogue elements within it, is using the occult to create demonic Manchurian Candidates.”

Awkward silence.

Then: “So, how’d Nicole like band this year?”

Why do so many Christians behave as though Paul was using a metaphor when he wrote, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”?

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