PETA: “Your Daddy is a Killer!”

If only I’d known about this when I was a kid!

PETA comic

Children will read: “Imagine that a man dangles a piece of candy in front of you. … As you grab the candy, a huge metal hook stabs through your hand and you’re ripped off the ground. You fight to get away, but it doesn’t do any good… That would be an awful trick to play on someone, wouldn’t it?”

Yes. Yes, it would. So is telling kids to keep their doggies and kitties away from their murderous fathers “until Daddy learns that it’s not ‘fun’ to kill” because “they could be next!”

Hmm. What would Jesus eat? I mean, He not only fed over 9,000 people with a handful of fish, Jesus helped Peter and his crew pull in so many fish (exactly 153, according to John) that the nets almost burst. And His first recorded meal after the Resurrection was…fish.

So is PETA’s official position that Jesus was a killer?

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