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Connecting the Dots Yields…a Pentagram?

This story is odd enough on its surface:

Forbidden teenage love may have turned fatal in Lancaster County, fueling a double homicide, abduction, and 600-mile escape that ended with a car crash yesterday afternoon in Indiana, police said.

Indiana State Police reported that David G. Ludwig, 18, was apprehended about 12:30 p.m. after the red Volkswagen Jetta he was driving crashed into a tree in Belleville, about 20 miles west of Indianapolis. With him was his girlfriend, 14-year-old Kara Beth Borden.

But it’s even stranger when you connect it to a court case that’s been in the news of late:

It’s a scene straight out of the film Rosemary’s Baby: men in beast masks, candles flickering in dark cellars, chalices filled with blood and urine, rape by the devil and killing Satan’s baby by plunging a knife into its body.

For 10 years, this was the life a Lititz woman thought she was living, while being counseled by a psychiatrist who put her in a trance so she could recover memories of the satanic abuse in the varying guises of her nine multiple personalities.

The woman is suing the doctor for malpractice, saying he used questionable techniques that resulted in a terror-filled existence punctuated by frequent suicide attempts and trips to a psychiatric hospital. Rose Gray is suing Dr. Stephen Powers, also of Lititz, in an unusual civil trial that began Tuesday and is expected to last about a week. She is asking a jury to direct Powers to pay her for the damages she says she suffered at his hands, damages that were outlined in the opening day of her trial.

It may be appropos of nothing, but it seems more than a little coincidental that both of these stories come from the small town of Lititz, Pennsylvania (pop. 9,029). Deliverance minister Russ Dizdar told us during our P.I.D. Radio interview that many former Nazis smuggled out of Germany after WWII under the CIA’s Operation Paperclip were settled in Pennsylvania Dutch country. The Nazis’ occult foundations are well known.


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