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I normally don’t watch network TV, but we stumbled onto “E-Ring” tonight. Disregarding the wisdom of casting Benjamin Bratt as a character named Wisnewski (yeah, he looks Polish), the plot was such an obvious anti-Christian piece it was breathtaking.

Here’s the synopsis: A group of “Christian” extremists take over a mosque in Detroit at gunpoint and the resulting rescue attempt leads to the critical wounding of a lovely young Muslim girl. Not once did any of the characters point out that the so-called “Christians” were totally contradicting the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In what sense do you call people like that “Christian”? It would have been just as accurate to call them “pacifists” or “vegetarians”.

The script for this propaganda piece made a couple of themes very clear:

  • It would have been much easier for the military, the heroes of the show, to resolve the hostage situation without that damned Posse Comitatus Act tying their hands.
  • Christians are the religious nuts you really have to worry about in this country.

It was educational. A foretaste of what’s ahead, I think.

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