1984, Twenty-odd Years Late

Judging by news from England, it appears that Orwell was only off on the timing:

Every baby attending a day nursery or who is in the care of a childminder will be taught a new national curriculum devised by Whitehall, it was announced yesterday.

Childminders and nurseries will be under a legal duty to teach the Early Years Foundation Stage to children “from birth” until the age of three.

Inspectors from Ofsted will check that the children are developing in four “distinct curriculum headings”. This will include becoming “competent learners”, for which they will be expected to have mastered such skills as comparing, categorising and recognising symbols and marks.
Teachers and parents expressed alarm at the regulation of child development. One group called the new curriculum “absolute madness”.

The National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations said: “We are in danger of taking away children’s childhood when they leave the maternity ward.” Margaret Morrissey, its spokesman, said: “From the minute you are born and your parents go back to work, as the Government has encouraged them to do, you are going to be ruled by the Department for Education.”

Which is precisely the point. Control their schooling and you control their minds.

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