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Standing Up to the Bully

Hmm. South Carolina is beginning to look pretty good if we ever need to move the bunker:

ANDERSON, S.C. (AP) – State Attorney General Henry McMaster says he will take on the American Civil Liberties Union if the group takes a city or county council to court over prayers said before meetings.

McMaster wrote a letter to the Piedmont Chapter of the ACLU, after the group wrote its own letters to the Oconee County Council and the Anderson and Seneca city councils in September, asking them to follow a federal court order to stop using the name of Jesus Christ in prayers.

“There is no federal or state law which tells people that they must pray or not pray in any particular way, as this would be in direct conflict with the express words of the United States and South Carolina constitutions guaranteeing the free exercise of religion,” McMaster wrote.

What a concept–freedom OF religion instead of freedom FROM religion.

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