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Why Judge Alito Will Be Confirmed By the Senate

For all their hyperventilated rhetoric (is Chuck Shumer for real?), I’m convinced that Democrats secretly love George W. Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

[Judge Andrew] Napolitano also said he wasn’t surprised that Bush chose Alito.

“Sam Alito is just what George Bush is looking for: a big government conservative who will almost always side with the government against the individual, and the federal government against the state,”
Napolitano said.

Gee. No kidding?

When will true conservatives, especially evangelical Christians, wake up? GW is not a conservative (and I have strong doubts about his faith). The Republican Party is not conservative. The size and scope of the federal government has grown faster under the current administration than it has at any time since the New Deal.

The two major parties are twin sock puppets controlled by the same masters. It’s so painfully obvious that there is no longer an excuse for ignorance.

Any true conservative that votes Republican in the next presidential election is not much different than a battered spouse who refuses to leave home.

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