The U.K. is the Land of the Gullible

This explains why the bogus Most Haunted… is such a hit in England:

More Britons believe in ghosts than God, according to research. A total of 2,012 people were polled on their beliefs on the supernatural. Over two thirds (68%) said they believe in the existence of ghosts and spirits.

Just over half (55%) said they believe in the existence of a God.

Some 26% believe in UFO’s, 19% in reincarnation and 4% in the mythical Loch Ness Monster.

The survey found 12% believe they have actually seen a ghost.

Just over three quarters, (76%) said that reality TV shows and films like The Blair Witch Project have helped convince them spooks and ghouls really exist.

Now, I ask you (with all due gentleness and respect): How stupid do you have to be to get your theology from reality television?

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