One Jot Or One Tittle

I have a brand new appreciation for the above phrase from Matthew 5:18. Now, before you start giggling, it basically means “one period or one comma”, referring to how well God’s word will be preserved until the end of the age.

Posting has been slow here the last couple of days as Sharon and I have been busy moving our collection of sites to a new hosting company. Lots of downloading and uploading, followed by twelve hours of frustration while I tried to figure out the “internal server error” that greeted us at every page.

The problem: The small text file that directs browsers to the correct site (and blocks a few annoying bandwidth leeches) was encoded in UTF-8 instead of ASCII by my text editor. That one niggling error kept the whole site, six domains which average about 4 gigabytes a day of bandwidth (most of it for our weekly podcast, P.I.D. Radio), shut down for half a day.

One jot or one tittle.

One other note that seems a lot funnier now that things are back up and running: Our former hosting company carries the name of one of the major Greek gods. The irony of professing evangelical Christians hosting their websites on a company named for a pagan god, one of the fallen angels, was lost on us until after we signed up.

Our new company offered us a deal that was impossible to refuse: $7.77 a month for triple the bandwidth, plus two extra months free if we paid for a year in advance. A no-brainer. Getting away from the pagan god hosting company was a small added bonus.

Let’s do the math: The new plan costs $7.77 a month times 12 months divided by 14, which equals…$6.66.

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