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I’ve been keeping my observations here at this blog more or less separate from the topics my wife and I discuss on our weekly podcast, P.I.D. (Peering Into Darkness) Radio. That’s going to change. There are things happening out there in the shadows that need to be kicked into the light of day.

Over the past couple of months, Sharon and I have done programs on Satanic ritual abuse, the involvement of the CIA in abducting children for prostitution and other uses, Satanic abuse within the Roman Catholic Church, occult practices within rogue elements of the U.S. military, and demonic possession masquerading as Multiple Personality Disorder. Something very dark bubbles under the surface of American life and it’s close to smashing through the veneer in a big way.

From California last week came news of a grisly murder:

The slain wife of prominent defense attorney Daniel Horowitz had a four-inch stab wound in her abdomen and was found lying in a pool of blood, according to documents released Monday.

Pamela Vitale also had a traumatic head injury and multiple wounds on her legs, and investigators found a bloody shoeprint on the lid of a storage container at the crime scene, according to an affidavit filed by a Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy.

Compare that Associated Press story with the initial reports of the murder:

Investigators arrested Scott Dyleski late Wednesday night at a relative’s house after obtaining a warrant alleging murder, and one source close to the investigation told The Chronicle Dyleski will be charged as an adult.

Authorities believe Dyleski killed Vitale, 52, on Saturday by striking her 39 times in the head with a piece of crown molding, then carved some kind of gothic signature into her back, the source said. (emphasis added)

Disregarding the uncanny ability of investigators to determine the precise number of blows (past a certain point, I would think tissue damage makes it difficult to fix an exact number; how do police know it was 39 blows and not 36 or 42?), it’s noteworthy that 39 is a number with occult significance (13 x 3).

The “gothic signature” was reportedly a Lorraine Cross, which is the familiar Christian symbol with a longer second crossbar added below the first. The symbol was used by alchemists in the Middle Ages to represent sulphur — brimstone.

Does this mean there is an occult angle to Pamela Vitale’s murder? Not necessarily. And you can bet that the police and the mainstream media, as evidenced by the morphing of “some kind of gothic signature” into “a four-inch stab wound”, isn’t going to bring it out.

But consider this: Vitale’s husband, Daniel Horowitz, was defending Susan Polk, a woman charged with the 2002 murder of her husband, Dr. Felix Polk. Mrs. Polk has claimed self-defense and accused her husband of involvement with “ritual abuse, Satanic cults and narcotics.”

Oddly, Dr. Polk is on record as claiming that their son was abused in Satanic rituals by others. To open his defense, Horowitz played a tape of Dr. Polk recorded at a 1988 conference on child abuse:

He was taken from this house after my wife had dropped him off in Berkeley. For those of you who are from around here, you know where that is. It’s about six miles from here. He was taken in what he called a school bus to other places. Other children were picked up along the way. He was taken to a number of locations. One of them was–sounds like a warehouse–had cement floors. It had cages. It had a platform for performances and it had an audience, fairly large from his description.

The people were dressed in red. They wore masks, triangular masks — and there were ceremonies. There were professional cameras — big cameras — like on TV sets. Uh? — there were performances. He was, and other children, were raped on stage — raped in every form imaginable.

But there were other performances too. Children were killed. He describes the one that has been hardest for me (Clears his throat) — was his description of a baby put in a plastic bag and hammered to death.

What caught our attention is that Dr. Polk’s son, Adam, would have been about 18 months old at the time. While there is credible evidence for the existence of an occult underground that uses children for ritual purposes, is it likely that an 18-month-old child could later recall, let alone describe, those events in such graphic detail?

If not, then how was Dr. Polk able to describe them — unless, as his wife charges, he was a participant?

More to the point, did Daniel Horowitz seal his wife’s fate by playing the Satan card? Was her killing a message to prevent certain facts from being revealed in court?

And will the media connect these dots, or — as is already happening — will the murder of Pamela Vitale be whitewashed into an isolated tragedy caused by a depressed, drug-addled teen?

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