What’s Happening in Minnesota?

News reports of a polio outbreak in an Amish community in Minnesota has tripped our BS detectors:

About two dozen Amish households dot the hillsides in central Minnesota’s rolling farm country. On Thursday, state health officials announced the four polio infections – the first known cases in the United States in five years.

The Amish community – it has no official name – has seen a flurry of visitors from the state Health Department after three siblings under 16 were diagnosed. Two weeks earlier, an infant from the community had been diagnosed with polio, and state doctors expect more cases to turn up.

None of the four have developed symptoms, and health officials say most polio cases do not result in paralysis. (Emphasis added.)

Hold the bus! If the four kids are asymptomatic, why did the doctor feel compelled to test for polio in the first place?

This is starting to read like a test case to see whether the government can push us into being vaccinated against our will. All in the interest of public health, of course.

Just like the government wants us to submit our kids to mandatory mental health screening (and subsequent druggings, no doubt, with the threat of prosecution for child abuse if we refuse).

Do I sound like a raving, foil-hat-wearing loon? You do know that the CDC has the authority, granted by Executive Order, to quarantine you if it believes you’ve been exposed to SARS, avian flu, or half a dozen other infectious diseases? And that a mental health screening program is already in place in Illinois, and similar programs are being considered in a number of other states?

To be clear, I’m not anti-vaccination, necessarily. I understand that vaccination programs have virtually eliminated smallpox, polio, and a host of other childhood diseases. Just be discerning–and follow the money.

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