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H5N1 Spreads to Europe

In addition to the publicly acknowleged cases in Turkey, ducks and pigs in Romania have been dying. This is significant because several dead birds found in the Danube delta have tested positive for H5N1.

Still, the big story is not the disease itself but the fact that the government and the mainstream media–sorry, I repeat myself–started sounding the alarm last weekend. That the alarm corresponds to the semi-official start of the annual flu shot season is no coincidence.

Consider: H5N1 is still in a form that doesn’t transmit easily person-to-person. It will have to mutate before it becomes easily transmissable. That means any avian flu vaccine based on current strains will be marginally effective at best, and most probably useless.

The only way an effective vaccine against an easily transmissable strain of H5N1 avian flu can be developed is for vaccine makers to know the genetic composition of the virus right now. That would only be possible if that particular strain already existed.

And that would only be possible if the virus had been created. In a lab. Like the CDC just made it known that it’s recreated the 1918 Spanish flu virus.

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