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Bombing Baby Smurf

What idiot bureaucrat thought this was a good idea?

Smurfs bombed - UNICEF

Smurfette is left for dead. Baby Smurf is left crying and orphaned as the Smurf’s village is carpet bombed by warplanes – a horrific scene and imagery not normally associated with the lovable blue-skinned cartoon characters.

These are the scenes being shown as part of a new UNICEF ad-campaign on Belgian television.

“It’s working. We are getting a lot of reactions and people are logging on to our Web site,” UNICEF Belgium spokesman Philippe Henon said Tuesday.

The Belgian office of the U.N. children’s fund said it has decided to use the creations of late Belgian artist Peyo to shock a complacent public into backing its fund-raising efforts for ex-child soldiers in Africa.

This is just bizarre. Besides targeting exactly the wrong audience, much of the horror of war in Africa has been caused by Europeans who were supposed to be there to keep the peace for the UN! Do a Google search for “Belgian peacekeepers” sometime and you’ll see what I mean.

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