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Why I Mostly Ignore Political Blogs

Vox Day highlights the absurdity of what passes for conservative thought in America today:

Consider radio host and former WND columnist Hugh Hewitt’s take on the president’s speech:

Perfect pitch returned tonight, and the president’s looks backward and forward were on target. As Chris Matthews observed, it sounded a little LBJ-FDR-like in its vows about the underclass of the recovery region, but that is exactly why it worked so well.

My acquaintances at the nation’s leading “conservative” blog, Powerline, agreed:

The president was at his best tonight. Hugh Hewitt’s take is on the money. And speaking of money, it’s going to be pouring into the Gulf region to the tune of at least $200 billion, I imagine. You can call it FDR-LBJ liberalism, big-government conservatism, or compassionate conservatism. I call it American-style pragmatism.

Unfortunately, celebrating the realization of that which one opposes is the predictable end result of pragmatism, which is nothing more than a euphemism for the slow sacrifice of one’s principles.

Vox is right. All I heard while the president’s lips moved was the sound of an adding machine.

Hugh Hewitt and the guys at Power Line are far too intelligent to have overlooked the dichotomy between traditional conservative values and the actions of the Republican Party under Lyndon Baines Bush. (I withold judgment on Hannity and O’Reilly.) They celebrate not the triumph of conservatism, but the triumph of US over THEM–regardless of how the victory was achieved.

That’s why I quit reading political blogs. It became obvious that most of the opinion shapers in the blogosphere are obsessed with helping their side WIN!!! …regardless of what that means. It’s a virtual debating club, an inbred bunch consumed with reading and responding to each other.

Either political bloggers don’t see that the Demopublican/Republicrat debate is as phony as pro wrestling, or they do and want to perpetuate the fraud. Either way, I have better things to do.

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