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Bill & Hill’s Big Globalist Party

We’re back up and running after a “server problem” at our hosting company took all of our sites offline for over a day. I’m kind disappointed; I was sorta hoping all the stuff Sharon and I have written (and said–listen to our latest P.I.D. Radio program to hear us vent) about FEMA’s response to Katrina had attracted the government’s attention.

Unless, of course, “server problem” is code for “request from the Justice Department”.

Anyway, I see that Bill and Hill are thrusting themselves back into the global spotlight this week with a big hoop-de-doo for the world’s ruling elite in New York. Thursday, doors open on the :: CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE :: (that’s just how it looks at the site–all caps with the “::” at each end, like a cheesy light-up sign board in front of a drive-in chili dog joint in Hot Springs).

The guest list is impressive, in a socialist/globalist kind of way: Blair, Annan, Peres, Wolfowitz, Gore, Albright, Rice, and a number of other interesting names like Gerry Adams, Sandy Berger, Rupert Murdoch, and George Soros.

It’s an interesting mix with more representation from Africa than you normally see in events of this type. The presence of neocons from the Bush administration with avowed left-liberals like George Soros should (but probably won’t) put the lie to the Republicrat delusion under which most Americans labor. (Hint: Just like pro wrestling, they’re all on the same side.)

I see the advisory panel on “Religion, Conflict, and Reconciliation” doesn’t include a single prominent evangelical Christian, although Dr. Richard Land will address the group. No surprise and no loss; evangelicals who can read should understand that while violence isn’t part of God’s plan, there are issues on which we cannot compromise in the name of brotherhood.

All in all, this “global initiative” looks like Bill’s initiative to become president of the globe.

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