The Danger of Centralization

The consistent cry from bayou country is that we need to have one person in charge of a cabinet-level department controlling the whole crisis management sytem. Vox Day summarizes the danger:

Mississippi, not New Orleans, took the direct hit from the hurricane. Imagine if instead of a federal system, we had a national system in place, and that someone like Louisiana Governor Blanco was in charge of it instead of George Bush. Because that is the general direction we appear to be headed in this post-911, government-worshipping equalitarian era.

The beauty of the government established by the framers of the constitution is that incompetent and/or power-mad politicians wouldn’t be able to rule everyone at the same time. It’s only going to take one more Keystone Kops response to a disaster, though, for people to line up and demand a dictator to solve their problems.

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