So Who is Coming to America’s Aid?

Who is the first foreign leader to step up and offer his help? Paul Martin? Vincente Fox? Tony Blair? Any of our NATO allies?

No, it’s the guy Pat Robertson says we should “take out”:

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said on Monday his government plans to sell as much as 66,000 barrels per day of heating fuel from its U.S. Citgo refinery to poor communities in the United States.

The offer, made after populist Chavez held talks with U.S. civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson, would represent 10 percent of the 660,000 bpd (barrels per day) of refined products processed by Citgo. The deals would cut consumer costs by direct sales.

Venezuela’s Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said officials were still working on the details on how the oil would be sold from Citgo, a unit of the state oil firm PDVSA.

“We are going to direct as much as 10 percent of the production, that means 66,000 barrels, without intermediaries, to poor communities, hospitals, religious communities, schools,” Chavez told reporters at a press conference.

The world’s No. 5 oil exporter, oil cartel OPEC member Venezuela is a key supplier to the United States, providing about 15 percent of all U.S. energy imports.

I think I’ll quit buying my gas from BP and ExxonMobil and go find a Citgo station.

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