We Can Never Leave Home Again

I returned home this afternoon after attending to family in South Carolina. Mom is doing okay, considering, and my sister, who inherited Dad’s logical engineer’s mind, will handle the details of probate without any problems.

However, Sharon, who was visiting with her family in Indiana over the weekend, came back yesterday to find that the severe storms in St. Louis Saturday had not only knocked out electricity, it had knocked the better part of a big silver maple in the front yard onto our roof.

The same thing happened when we went to Atlanta for a book convention last July: Our backyard fence was pretty much ruined on one side and our neighbor’s truck was almost swallowed by a huge branch from the same maple that attacked our house Saturday night.

We just got power back this evening after two full days. Most of our refrigerated and frozen food is spoiled. We’re hoping that our insurance–which has been excellent in the past–will take care of most of the damage.

The Killer Maple
The Killer Maple!

Obviously we can’t leave our home for any length of time. Ever.

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