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Heaven Gains a Saint

Light posting this week and through the weekend. My father died in his sleep after a brief but debilitating illness Tuesday afternoon, and I’m away from home, my computer and a broadband connection until Monday night at least.

The good news is that Dad knew the Good News. He was an engineer, and over the course of his adult life, Dad analyzed the truth claims of Christianity as an engineer would figure the most logical way to solve a problem. In the end, he concluded that the only rational explanation for the existence of the Christian church today is the truth and accuracy of the New Testament.

By the way, given the weight and quality of the documentary evidence, alternative explanations fall into the “tin foil hat” category. But I should tread lightly here; I’ve been slipping into lay preacher mode off and on the last couple of days as I explain to my family why I’m so dead-bang sure that Dad is in heaven.

Not everybody wants to hear blunt truth, especially when hearts are aching. I have a tendency to be less than tactful when I’m passionate about something.

Paul Gilbert 1953Paul Gilbert 1962Dad 2001

Paul Bailey Gilbert: 1935-2005

Goodbye, Dad, but for just a little while.

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