Civil Order Breaking Down in China’s Qinghai Province

Translations from online forums in China paint a frightening picture:

Farming Community in Yushu Deserted Following Suppression of Bird Flu Related Riots

[Boxun’s Disclaimer]
The following are conclusions derived from numerous postings on Qinghai Web Bulletin Boards. As all 17 posts by different posters appeared to be independent of each other and made similar comments, the Boxun reporter is of the opinion that there must be some truth to the following story.

According to the Qinghai Bulletin Board Service (BBS), the state of emergency imposed on the farming community and its surroundings in the Northwestern Qinghai City / Town of Yushu was lifted on the night of 28th July.

When natives living further from the area made a trip to the farming community, they discovered that it had “vanished” together with 3 of its surrounding villages. Only some ruins, blocks from collapsed walls, remained. Apparently, the farms and villages had been flattened and there were signs that they had been razed.

It is believed that some inhabitants from those 3 villages were workers in the farm. Around 200 people were estimated to have inhabited or worked in those 3 villages and the farm. There whereabouts are, as yet, unknown.

Add to this the mysterious “streptococcus” infection in Sichuan Province (which is more likely a strain of Ebola) that has officially killed 38 (a number that is probably closer to 200, according to non-government sources), and you get the sense that China is in the middle of a health crisis that may have already spread beyond its borders because of the government’s silence.

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