Ignoring God, Embracing Homosexuality

I guess it’s better to look good than be good:

The words that the Rev. James A. Forbes chose to share with the roomful of black gay and lesbian faithful might have come straight from the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Forbes reminded his listeners that discrimination has no place in this world and urged them to lay down the notion put forward by some black ministers that they are less favored by God.

“Your job is to get up every day and be grateful to God for your DNA,” Forbes said. “It took an artist divine to make this design!”

Gay and lesbian “faithful”? Faithful to what?

Rev. Forbes really ought to know better. God made us the way we are, so any sexual urge we feel is okay? What kind of soft-headed logic is that?

What about pedophiles? No, seriously. If a man (allegedly) of God can rationalize that it’s fine, and even noble, to ignore God’s command against homosexual sex, then why not allow sex with children? There are some men (allegedly) of God–admittedly, they’re facing jail time–who would make that very argument.

But it’s harmful to children, you say. Well, they would argue that point. It’s wrong, you insist. Says who? You? Why is what you think more important than what anyone else thinks?

That’s what theology comes down to when you throw out scripture–every man doing that which is right in his own eyes. The doctrine of me.

That’s what got Satan kicked out of heaven.

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