What’s Going On in China?

Something is making people sick, but the only information getting out is by way of machine translated news items from Chinese websites:

According to an update by the SiChuan Ministry of Health (or their Provincial equilavent), as of 12pm 26th July, 117 cases have been reported in the Pigs-to-Human “Streptococcus” outbreak. This is a cumulative figure. Of these, 5 have been confirmed via laboratory tests, 71 clinically diagnosed and 41 suspected. Of these 117 cases, 5 have been discharged, 21 still remain in critical condition and 24 have died.

The above translation of the report of the Sichuan Ministry of Health indicates that the case fatality rate for the mystery disease is above 82%. There have been 29 outcomes, and 24 of the outcomes has been death. This does not include 14 suspect cases who died before being admitted to a hospital. A case fatality rate of 82% is very high and more like the H5N1 rate for Vietnam and Thailand or the rate of the cases described in an early Boxun report on H5N1 deaths linked to the Qinghai Lake outbreak. Rates that high have also been described for Ebola and Marburg outbreaks in Africa.

Dr. Henry Niman writes that this could be evidence that the deadly H5N1 virus has spread from nearby Qinghai Province, where many thousands of wild birds have already died from the disease.

Dead birds at Qinghai, China

Dead and dying birds at Qinghai, China

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