Elephants ‘losing tusks’, evolutionists rejoice

Because most people don’t know the difference between what evolutionary theory really teaches:

EVOLUTION is helping the elephant fight back against poachers.
More male elephants are now being born without tusks because hunting of the animals for their ivory is reducing the gene pool.

The tusk-free gene, which is found in 2 to 5 per cent of male Asian elephants, has increased to between 5 and 10 per cent in elephants in China, according to a study by Zhang Li, an associate professor of zoology at Beijing Normal University.

First, a tusk-free elephant is still an elephant. Its children will be elephants, not monkeys, apes, or anything else in the animal kingdom. Evolution is the religion–I mean, science–that predicts the gradual transformation of one species into another. A tuskless elephant doesn’t explain, for example, how the first reptilian proto-bird grew its wings.

Second, how come the evolutionists never use the example of, say, the disappearing snail darter or spotted owl as examples of evolution in action? Hey, if they can’t evolve, tough. Who are we as mere human animals to stand in the way of evolution?

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