The Plot Thickens

Robin Parrish at Infuze Magazine tips the news that Fox is releasing a special X-Files DVD set featuring all of the alien conspiracy episodes. This is good news–and bad.

The alien abduction/human cloning/government coverup mytharc (credit where due: X-Files fans coined the word first, we just borrowed it) were some of the best episodes of television drama ever produced. Sadly, as the series went along the story arc folded back on itself, morphed into something totally different, and emerged by series end as an unrecognizable chimera. The movie, Fight The Future, was fun to watch but made very little sense.

Sharon and I will probably buy it, but I suspect we’ll only watch the episodes through about season five. After that–was Mulder’s sister dead, or was she a clone, or was she living out a normal life somewhere believing that the Cigarette Smoking Man was her father? Why were the alien shape-shifters trying to bollix the colonization plan? Was the government working with the aliens or the alien rebels? Why were they cloning human/alien hybrids? WHAT WAS THE FREQUENCY, KENNETH?

Too many questions created by episodes that disregarded what had gone before, a problem shared by Chris Carter’s other semi-successful Fox series, Millennium. Seasons 1 and 2–brilliant. Season 3 should have ended with Pam Ewing waking up from a bad dream.

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