Why I Still Don’t Read Andrew Sullivan

Inspired by Andrew Sullivan’s recent claim that he knew two years ago that the Iraq War was based on falsified intelligence, JunkYardBlog shows once again why reading Andrew Sullivan’s blog is a big waste of time:

Here is his archive page. You can scroll down to the July 2002 section and click on the links for yourself (if you don’t want to bother hunting for them, here are all of the July 2002 pages). […] I scanned all of his posts from July 2002 and couldn’t find any evidence that he thought the decision had already been made. I found much cheerleading in support of the war, and much skepticism of the UN, and much bashing of the anti-war left.

No surprise there. I gave up on Sullivan when he decided to endorse Kerry based solely on the hope that a Democrat president would give Andrew the legal right to marry another guy.

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