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Thickening Plot

Jeff Wells, author and host of the always fascinating and informative Rigorous Intuition blog, connects a couple more dots in the Prophet Yahweh story. Like us, Jeff is seeing occult connections here.

Considering the number of former military we’ve encountered in recent years who seem to have been, shall we say, programmed, it’s worth noting that the prophet formerly known as Ramon Watkins is an ex-Marine.

Ramon Watkins, aka Prophet Yahweh

Jeff observes:

Yahweh, born Ramon Watkins, writes on his website that “it has been over a quarter century since UFOs and spaceships have been appearing to me.” That would probably take us back to his career in the corps.
Not all Marines, thank God, are mind-control subjects. But by God, too many sure seem to have been. So when a former Marine claims that, since his time in the corps, he’s been in communication with an angelic host of flying saucers, has demonstrated that he can deliver something for the camera, and has heard a voice in his head telling him now’s the time, I think it’s prudent that we pay attention.

Spot on. We need to get Jeff as a guest on P.I.D Radio.

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