Glad I Voted For Him

Congressman Todd Akin (R-Mo.), my rep, in Tuesday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

[A]dult stem cells have shown great potential to cure many diseases. For example, Denise Faustman of the Harvard Medical School has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to perform human clinical trials using adult stem cells. Her results in animal models were very successful, and many people living with diabetes eagerly await the results of her research.

Embryonic stem cell research, however, has not progressed past animal trials and has been characterized by deadly tumor growth and rejection problems.

It is worth noting that embryonic stem cell research is legal. There is nothing to stop private companies and research organizations from conducting it. If embryonic stem cells truly present the great potential touted by their advocates, private investors and drug manufacturers should be more than willing to invest in the research.

Congressman Akin makes an excellent point: If embryonic stem cells hold so much promise, if there is such a danger of being left behind by other nations now actively pursuing the cloning and killing of tiny humans, why are the investment gurus pushing trying to coerce us into putting up our money for R & D?

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