Atheists Say Time to “Push Back”

I chuckle when I see stories like this:

The attendees of the “All Atheists Weekend” gathered to discuss what they call the rise of fundamentalism in the U.S. and the blurring of lines between church and state.

Attendees also took time to view documentaries that question the historical accuracy of the Bible – and to hear lectures about the dangers of religious icons on public property and problems with President Bush’s so-called “faith-based initiative,” which seeks to give religious groups equal footing in seeking federal grants to provide social services.

These people are just as fundamentalist as evangelicals. They like to pretend they’re not, but they are. Since we can see what they’re doing, we can prepare for them and deal with them. History is on our side.

It’s lukewarm Christians–Laodiceans–that concern me. Outwardly they profess a belief in Jesus, but when pressed, you find that the Jesus they believe in isn’t much like the one in the Bible.

They’re the dangerous ones. Chains are only as strong as the weakest links. Maybe it’s a good thing that the atheists have pop culture on their side. (They don’t know it, because they don’t believe Satan exists, either.) Times are coming that will make it difficult to be a professing Christian. While it won’t be fun, it will make the church stronger as the Laodiceans drift away.

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