Next P.I.D. Radio: James Rollins

Sharon and I had the pleasure of interviewing James Rollins last night, author of the new novel Map of Bones. It’s being compared to The Da Vinci Code because it deals with an historic religious mystery and a secret society, but people I respect who’ve read it say it’s a more intelligent read.

For one thing, Rollins keeps his history straight in setting up the premise.

It’s based on the Royal Dragon Court, an exclusive society of European bluebloods which has its roots in the ancient past, and the supposed relics of the Magi (three wise men) in the cathedral at Cologne, Germany.

Sharon is reading it now, and I look forward to my turn when she’s finished. And Rollins, a veterinarian by training, is a great interview and a nice guy–even if he is a White Sox fan.

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