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E.T. No Phone Home

“E.T.” thinks this is home. And he wants it back.

For our latest installment of P.I.D. (Peering Into Darkness) Radio, Sharon and I interviewed Guy Malone in Roswell, New Mexico. Guy moved to Roswell from Nashville in 1999 with a simple goal: To convince local tourist shops to carry his book Come Sail Away, which details the connections between UFOs and the fallen angels–demons, if you will–who rebelled against God.

What he discovered was that the UFO nuts didn’t want to touch his book because it dealt with God, and the Christian bookstore didn’t want to touch it because it dealt with UFOs.

Bottom line is that abductions are real, and something is happening that can’t be ignored. What is it? Listen and find out.

P.I.D. Radio #12 (about one hour, 7.7MB mp3).

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