Infernal Revenue

Robert Novak reports that the American public may finally get a close look at the inner workings of the Internal Revenue Service:

A Senate rider inserted in an emergency appropriations bill in the dead of the night, which would close a rare window into political foul play at the Internal Revenue Service, was quietly removed Tuesday in Senate-House negotiations. That offers full disclosure of a major scandal that has been percolating for a decade.

The rider would have de-funded the investigation begun in 1995 of then-Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros by Independent Counsel David Barrett. The amendment was sponsored by three highly influential Democrats, purportedly to stop leakage of federal money in a run-on program and end persecution of a no-longer-prominent Democratic politician. In fact, Barrett’s investigation is the first independent probe, with subpoena power, of the IRS.

It appears that the Clinton administration used the IRS to try to block Barrett’s investigation of Cisneros, who was eventually pardoned by Bill Clinton during his wholesale dispensation of “Get Out of Jail Free” cards in 1999.

The Barrett Report should be a best-seller if and when it see the light of day. Many prominent Democrats are mentioned, but more important, it may anger Americans enough to finally take action against the unconstitutional collection agency called the IRS.

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