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WHO: Flu Pandemic May Have Begun

Dr. Henry Niman reads between the lines of the WHO’s top flu guy:

In Asia, there are hints that the virus is indeed changing. “Incomplete evidence suggests that there may be a shift in the epidemiology of the disease,” says St?ɬ?hr. “More clusters are being seen than last year, older people are now coming down with the diseases, and more cases are milder.”

Klaus Stohr’s comments above are the first acknowledgement by WHO that the 2005 flu pandemic may have begun. The clearest signal was the simultaneous admission of a family of five in Haiphong on March 22. All five were confirmed to be H5N1 positive and all five recovered.
The virus clearly has all of its ducks in row, and humans are simply sitting ducks, unaware or unconcerned about the looming mayhem in the fall.

We’ve exchanged a couple of e-mails with Dr. Niman over the last 24 hours and hope to catch him free for an hour or so tomorrow night for another upload of MythArc Radio.

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