Methodists Reinstate Lesbian Pastor

UMC, you can join the UCC and ECUSA over in the corner:

(AgapePress) – The United Methodist Church has once again put its stamp of approval on practicing homosexuals in the pulpit. An appeals committee within the UMC decided last week to reinstate a lesbian ministry from Philadelphia who earlier had been removed from her position after revealing her relationship with another woman.

According to the decision handed down by the appeals committee, Stroud was deprived of due process because neither the UMC’s General Conference nor the pertinent Annual [regional] Conference has defined the words “practicing homosexual” and “status.” In addition — as explained by conservative Methodist activists Mark Tooley — the committee claimed that the prohibition of extra-marital sexual behavior “was somehow an illegal new ‘doctrine’ invented by the [UMC’s] General Conference” in recent years.


So the United Methodist Church is taking pages from the Pharisees now? Is the Bible not clear enough on this topic?

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