News Flash: “Weapon” Labeled Right-Wing Blog

The problem with labels is that they’re so confining. The problem with trying to think for yourself is that it makes you difficult to label. Umm Yasmin, self-described “Muslim feminist” (is there really such a thing?), has decided that I am to be counted among the right wing.

Culturally speaking, that’s true. I do hold to the standard of morality handed down by God.

Politically, she’s got me wrong. She describes herself as “anti-Bush/anti-Republican”, and in the context of her post, it appears that she assumes I’m pro-Bush.

Vox Day is often mischaracterized in the same way. I am not pro-Republican or pro-Democrat. I am pro-liberty, and both of the major political parties in the U.S. have proven themselves to favor a bigger, more intrusive central government.

Sadly, most people are so caught up in the left/right issue that they don’t see the big picture. Conservatives who rightly screamed bloody murder when the Clinton administration began trampling on personal freedom are solidly behind the Bush administration’s policies which go even further toward establishing the United States of Total Surveillance.

And both parties continue to work behind the scenes to expand the powers of NAFTA, eventually to merge Canada, Mexico, and the US with its southern neighbors into an American superstate built along the lines of the European Union.

I oppose this garage sale of United States sovereignty. Does this make me right-wing?

Well, so be it. But please don’t mistake me for a Republican.

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